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Paintings and Drawings

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Here are a couple of my recent pieces

Here are a couple of my pieces on sale:
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Rosas para ti

  • Acrylics on canvas
  • 16 x 20 canvas

Abstract roses on canvas

Not for sale


Bear City

  • Acrylics on canvas
  • 16 x 20 canvas

Teddy Topia!
The city inhabited by bears!

Not for sale


Pink Skyline

Acrylics on poster board
Size 27.5 w x 20 in

This is a painting i made for one of my good friends, she needed to brighten up her dorm room.

Not for sale


El Bosque

   *  Paintings and Drawings
    * Acrylics on paper
    * 15 x 27

I made this For my friend, A beautiful forest with metallic ligths in copper and gold.

Not for sale



  • Materials: Acrylic paint
  • Size 9x12

In commemoration of the changing seasons i made this piece, i name it Autumn, simple.
The predominant colors are red, orange and yellow,
In this painting u can see a beautiful sunset behind 3 trees with leaves in different colors.





Tropical  Aviators
  • Acrylic paint,enamel
  • 9x12

This is a colorful modern handmade painting. I made with acrylic paints, the predominant colors are red orange and yellow.

The star of this painting of a pair of aviator sunglasses with a gradient and a hint of yellow, the rim of the sunglasses is painted with enamel to give it an extra shine.

Psyco Teddy

  • acrylic paint, metalic acrylics,enamel on recycled paper
  • 27 x 19.5

I was in the mood to make something twisted so i created this one of a kind piece
I name it Psycho Teddy.
Pretty much it's a cute teddy bear with a bandage over his eye. Teddy is inside a room, hes got a knife in his hand and the walls are smeared in red.
The Predominat colors are blue brown and red, the floor is painted in a metalic blue



13 Rosas Rojas


Acrylics and ink on special paper
Size 12 x 10

I made this painting for my friend T, beautiful roses with hints of gold on a black background.



Square Explosion!
  • Acrylics and oil pastels on white cardboard
  • Aprox. 14 x 10 inches

In this abstract piece you can see an explosion of red, black and geometric shapes, The squares have touches of metallic copper.